August 24, 2023
August 22, 2022

Fine Tuning Nutrient Intake Timing for Cardiac Health

Cardiovascular function changes on a daily basis with potential implications for risk of heart attack and sudden cardiac death. In this webinar, Martin Young, DPhil,  discusses these cardiovascular changes and the potential mechanisms that govern these 24-hour rhythms with a particular focus on circadian clocks. These studies highlight that circadian clocks modulate processes that are critical for normal cardiovascular function, including metabolism. Daily rhythms in metabolism, in turn, influence the manner with which organs (such as the heart) respond to nutrient intake. Dr. Young illustrates the concept that the time of day at which specific macronutrients (such as lipids and proteins) are consumed dramatically impacts the heart. Dr. Young showcases the relevance of these basic science findings to human population studies.

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