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Metabolic & Telemetric Treadmill


Metabolic & Telemetric Treadmill

Allows each animal to exercise within an isolated space. An exercise belt, associated pulleys and optional stimuli are enclosed in a compartment which can be made air-tight

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NEW Telemetry Option: Our Oxymax and Metabolic Treadmill have long been the gold standard for measuring VO2 max in mice and rats. But telemetric measurements have always proved difficult on a treadmill. Static and motor electrical-noise have always interfered with the signal. But we have recently developed a special antenna for our treadmill that produces a clear signal for core body temperature and heart rate.

Columbus Instruments' Modular Treadmill encloses each animal within an isolated space. An exercise belt, associated pulleys, and optional stimuli are enclosed in a compartment which can be made air-tight. The addition of an open-flow calorimeter to the compartment will create a complete system for the measurement of respiratory metabolic performance while exercising. A Modular Treadmill system is constructed of master and slave units. A master unit incorporates an electric motor and speed controller to which one to seven additional slave units can be connected for exercising multiple animals. The incline of each animal compartment is individually adjustable in 5° increments. Electrical stimulus grids are available for each exercise lane and can be activated manually by the operator. The intensity of electrical shock is also operator adjustable from 0.35mA to 1.5mA. LED lamps indicate which electrical stimulus grid is active.

A standard animal compartment is offered with air ventilation holes and a fan to promote air movement. Optionally, an animal compartment may be enclosed with air-tight seals (metabolic option) for measuring oxygen consumption during animal exercise by way of an attached calorimeter. Columbus Instruments offers a wide range of open-circuit calorimeters for this purpose. See Oxymax and Eco-Oxymax product lines for details of systems for the measurement of VO2 and VCO2.

Modular Treadmill-XL

The XL Modular Treadmill features an elongated running compartment based on the design of the rat Modular Treadmill. Its designed to accommodate larger rats (or other species of similar size) but also retain the ability to run slightly smaller subjects with a specially designed collapsible wall to narrow the running lane and prevent the smaller subjects from turning around.


  • Running Area Length: 24"
  • Running Area Width: Adjustable between 3" and 5.25"
  • Height (from running surface to ceiling): 5.28"

Here is a brief video of one of our customers, Graduate Research Associate from The Ohio State University, Jennifer Petrosino, describing how she uses the Oxymax and Metabolic Treadmill in her research on fat deposits around the heart:

Features / Specifications

  • One to four isolated lane compartments
  • Lane compartments may be made air-tight (optional)
  • Can be used to measure animal oxygen consumption during exercise.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Adjustable shock intensity
  • Overall Size: 29"L x 27"W x 17.5"H (736mm x 685mm x 444mm)

Compartment Dimensions:

  • Rats- 21.5"L x 5.5"W x 8"W (546mm x 139mm x 203mm)
  • Mice-15.1"L x 2"W x 4"H (384mm x 51mm x 102mm)

Exercise Lane Dimensions:

  • Rats- 15"L x 5.5"W x 5"H (381mm x 139mm x 127mm)
  • Mice-12"L x 2"W x 1.75"H (305mm x 51mm x 44mm)

Stimulus Area per lane:

  • Rats- 5.5" x 3.5"(139mm x 89mm)
  • Mice-2" x 2" (139mm x 51mm)
  • Stimulus Current Maximum: 1.5 mA continuously variable
  • Stimulus Voltage Maximum: 163 V
  • Tread Speed: 6 to 99.9 m/m, continuously variable
  • Tread Inclination: -10° to +25° in 5° steps
  • NEW Automated Inclination option available

Ordering Information

Metabolic Treadmills for Mice

Base Kit

  • 0195-8001  Modular Mouse,  Shock    
  • 0195-8101  Modular Mouse,  Platform    
  • 0195-8201  Modular Mouse,  Telemetry

Lane Add-On Kit

  • 0195-8300  Lane Add-on,  Modular Mouse, Shock    
  • 0195-8400  Lane Add-on, Modular  Mouse, Platform    
  • 0195-8500  Lane Add-on, Modular  Mouse, Telemetry

Auto Incline

  • 0291-8101  Modular Mouse,  1-2 Lane, Auto Incline Kit    
  • 0291-8111  Telemetry Mouse, 1-2  Lane, Auto Incline Kit    
  • 0291-8151  Modular Mouse, 3-4  Lane, Auto Incline Kit    
  • 0291-8161  Telemetry Mouse, 3-4  Lane, Auto Incline Kit


  • 0195-8000  Treadmill  Stimulus Detection Kit

Metabolic Treadmills for Rats

Base Kit

  • 0184-8001  Modular Rat,  Shock    
  • 0184-8051  Modular Rat XL, Shock    
  • 0184-8101  Modular Rat, Platform    
  • 0184-8151  Modular Rat XL,  Platform    
  • 0184-8201  Modular Rat, Shock  and Telemetry    
  • 0184-8251  Modular Rat XL, Shock  and Telemetry

Lane Add-On Kit

  • 0184-8300  Lane Add-on,  Modular Rat, Shock    
  • 0184-8350  Lane Add-on, Modular  Rat XL, Shock    
  • 0184-8400  Lane Add-on, Modular  Rat, Platform    
  • 0184-8450  Lane Add-on, Modular  Rat XL, Platform    
  • 0184-8500  Lane Add-on, Modular  Rat, Shock and Telemetry    
  • 0184-8550  Lane Add-on, Modular  Rat XL, Shock and Telemetry

Auto Incline

  • 0291-8100  Modular Rat,  1-2 Lane, Auto Incline Kit    
  • 0291-8110  Telemetry Rat, 1-2  Lane, Auto Incline Kit    
  • 0291-8150  Modular Rat, 3-4  Lane, Auto Incline Kit    
  • 0291-8160  Telemetry Rat, 3-4  Lane, Auto Incline Kit


  • 0184-8000  Treadmill  Stimulus Detection Kit


Papers coming soon, presently in peer review.

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