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Social Home Environment for Laboratory Learning

The Columbus Instruments SHELL system represents the state of the art in multi-parameter behavioral monitoring of mice in a group-housed setting. Building on our popular technologies for monitoring food intake, water consumption, and running wheel performance, we have partnered with UID to add RFID technology to record animal identity during interaction with these devices. Additionally, we have added stimuli and robotics to create learning vesibules where subjects are presented with LED light cues, air puff, and electric stimuli which are fully user-programmable from the software. With food, water, or wheel placed within a learning vesibule the researcher can control when and how individual subjects are permitted to interact.

RFID Tracking Features:

Tag ID
Location & Activity

Cues & Stimuli:
LED Light Red/Green
Air Puff
Electric Shock

Food & Water Measurments:
Mass Consumed on Individual Basis with 3mg Resolution
Motorized Acess Door with RFID Permission

Running Wheel Measurements:
Distance and Speed on Individual Basis
Optional Programmable Spinning Resistance
Servo Activated Lock with RFID Permission

We are actively recruiting development partners to use the product, provide feedback for improvements, and ultimately publish their findings. There are a great number of applications this product can be used for so please submit your research proposals, CV, and recent publications to be considered for receiving a FREE Columbus Instruments SHELL system!

Please contact Chris Adams at [email protected]

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SHELL will make it's official debut at the 2023 Neuroscience Meeting in Washington D.C., November 12 - 15. Please come by booth 523 to see SHELL in person.

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