A highly adaptable general purpose closed circuit respirometer with very high sensitivity.

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A highly adaptable general purpose closed circuit respirometer with very high sensitivity.
  • US Patent: No. 4947339
  • European Patent: No. 0372429
  • Japanese Patent: No. 2117492

The Columbus Instruments' Micro-Oxymax system is a highly adaptable general purpose closed circuit respirometer. The system monitors the concentration of gas contained within an enclosed head space into which the material being monitored is respiring. Periodic sensing of the gas concentration, along with an equally accurate measurement of the volume of the head space, allows calculations of incremental and accumulated values for consumption and production. The Micro-Oxymax patented design principle provides a sensing threshold near 2 x 10-7 liter per hour.

The system can be configured for single or multiple gas sensing. Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide and Hydrogen can be sensed over specially selected ranges to meet almost any application. The Micro-Oxymax can be configured to monitor from one to 80 chambers.

Combining multiple gases, high sensitivity and multiple chambers with computer controlled operation makes The Micro-Oxymax unsurpassed in flexibility. The instrument finds application in all of the life sciences. It may be used for microbial respiration most often associated with environmental soil and water research; food science and preservation, insect respiration, tissue and skin respiration, plant research, and a wide range of other applications.

The modular design of the Micro-Oxymax allows an initial configuration for basic investigations that can be expanded later to include additional gases and/or chambers. The Micro-Oxymax software handles the details of data collation and the complexities of accommodating additional samples within the current experiment.

The Micro-Oxymax also allows operation under testing conditions that limit all other manometric and electrolytic based respirometers. The system automatically compensates for changes in pressure and temperature. In addition, the Micro-Oxymax will initiate refreshing of the head space gas if concentrations deviate beyond operator prescribed limits. The Micro-Oxymax keeps an accurate account of system performance and prevents problems before they happen. Internal diagnostics thoroughly test the configuration you've selected and make recommendations to optimize conditions for a successful test.

Features / Specifications

  • Suitable for these Standardized Aerobic and Anerobic Tests
  • ISO 14851
  • ISO 14852: Plastics in Aqueous Medium
  • ISO 14855
  • ISO 15985: Digestion
  • EN 13432: Plastics in Compost
  • ASTM D5209: Plastics in Sewage Sludge
  • ASTM D5210: Plastics in Sewage Sludge
  • ASTM D5271
  • ASTM D5511: Plastics under High Solids
  • ASTM D5338: Plastics in Controlled Compost
  • ASTM D5988: Plastics in Soil
  • ASTM D6691: Plastic Materials in Marine Environment
  • OECD 301B: Biodegradability of the material over a minimum of 28 days in a liquid environment
  • OECD 301C
  • OECD 301F
  • High Sensitivity: 2x10-7 liter of gas per hour

Supported Gases:

  • O2: 0-1%, 19-21%, 0-100%
  • CO2: 0-1%, 0-3%, 0-10%, 0-100%
  • CH4: 0-1%, 0-5%, 0-10%, 0-30%, 0-100%
  • CO: 0-1%, 0-10%
  • H2: 0-2000ppm
  • H2S: 200ppm
  • NO2: 150ppm
  • N2O: Contact us for available ranges
  • Multiple Chamber Sensing: 1 to 80 Chambers
  • Fully automated operation
  • Maximum Head Space Volume: 50mL to 10L m), H2 (0-2000 and 0-10,000ppm)

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